May 2019

18Us WIN GOLD AT NATIONALS - In an amazing medal match, the 18Us came back to win GOLD at Volleyball Canada Nationals. This is on the heels of winning SILVER at Provincials just weeks before! Congratulations to the 18Us!

March 2019

17Us MENTOR 14Us - heading into the March Break, the U17s took time out of their busy schedule to mentor the younger team. Hard work and fun activities made for a great practice for the 14Us. Thank you to Jenn's 17Us!

November 2018

SUNS VISIT TRENT - some members of the 17U and 18U teams went for a practice and tour, and got to watch Trent play McMaster and Brock. A special thank you goes out to Trent Women's Volleyball, and Suns alumni Heidi Hayes!

18Us-Nationals (3)
U17 and U14s
SUNS at Trent (1)
SUNS at Trent (2)

October 26, 2018

FORMER SUNS PLAYER: Read about Domenica De Franceso in action with the Georgian Grizzlies

May 10, 2018

FORMER SUNS PLAYER: Read about Brittany Dunlop's recruitment by the Sheridan Bruins