The Suns Club


Our Approach

Mission Statement

The Orillia Suns Volleyball Club has been established to provide athletes with the opportunity to enhance their skills, knowledge and enjoyment of the game of volleyball. Our program is dedicated to providing a competitive athletic experience that promotes teamwork, self-discipline and respect. It is the coaches' goal to enhance competitive level players to play to the best of their abilities in a safe environment both physically and mentally. We wish to have our athletes strive for excellence, build physical, mental and social skills, develop a superior work ethic, and have fun.

Club Goals

In conjunction with the Ontario Volleyball Association and Volleyball Canada, we have adopted the philosophy of the Long Term Athlete Development Program. This program stresses the development/perfection of core skills such as passing, setting and hitting. Once an athlete has mastered these core skills they can spend more time on the strategic and mental aspects of the sport. Coaches are encouraged to reward those players who show proper development of and execution of the core skills rather than just putting the best 6 athletes on the floor in order to win tournaments. Position specialization will also be de-emphasized in order to produce well rounded players. The object of this new developmental philosophy is to make sure that the core skills are drilled into muscle memory so that by the time our athletes are emotionally mature enough for full competition at 16U and older, they can concentrate fully on the more advanced strategic and mental aspects of the game. This model also ensures that all of our young athletes get an opportunity to become well rounded players with the flexibility to be able to adapt to the needs of any team they may participate with in the future.

What We Currently Offer

Newcomers and athletes have an opportunity to enhance their volleyball skills through our Rep program. We also (often) have clinics that run in the Spring and Summer; offerings are dependent on gym space and registration numbers.