Our Rep program is dedicated to providing a competition athletic experience that promotes teamwork, self discipline and respect.

What is a Rep team?

A Rep team is defined as a competitive team (as opposed to a House League program). Players who commit to an Orillia Suns Rep team will have the opportunity to practice twice weekly throughout a season, as well as play in OVA tournament and exhibition games.

Who can play on a Rep team?

At this time, the Orillia Suns Volleyball Club has only female teams. If you have a player who is male and interested in playing Rep volleyball, please contact info@orilliasunsvolleyball.com.

Any female aged 8-17 years old can try out for Orillia Suns.

How does my daughter get on a Rep team?

In order to participate on a Rep team, your daughter must first go through the tryout process. She will need to register for tryouts, attend all tryouts, and then must be invited to play on the team by the coach.

When can my daughter register for Rep?

We are currently off-season and will ramp up in late Summer/early Fall. Please check our website often during this time as we will advertise tryout dates and locations. Once these tryouts are known, you will be required to register your daughter online. If you have any questions, please contact info@orilliasunsvolleyball.com.

How does my daughter register for Rep?

After teams have been selected by the Coach, and players have accepted their "invitation to join", players will be asked to complete their online registration and attend a registration night (this may be done during a tryout, practice or on a set "Registration Night"). Each player will be required to:

  • bring completed forms (provided by the Coach)
  • bring a photocopy of birth certificate or passport
  • bring a cheque and/or post dated cheques made out to Orillia Suns Volleyball Club
  • try on uniform samples in order to size and order their uniform pieces

How much does it cost to play on a Rep team?

There are several costs associated with playing on a Rep team:

  • For 2017-18, Rep tryout fees were $20
  • For 2017-18, the Rep yearly fees were $525 for 12U and $700 for all other teams*
  • Equipment (sneakers, black volleyball shorts and knee pads)
  • Transportation costs to get to games and tournaments
  • Hotel and food costs for the final/provincial tournament

*Depending on financial need, there may be a subsidy program (JumpStart or KidSport) that might help cover Rep fees. Please contact both or either program for more information.

Does my daughter receive a uniform?

Included in the Rep yearly fee is a uniform (game jersey, warm-up jersey, and warm-up pants).

Your yearly fee is also used to cover the cost of gym permits for practices, practice and game equipment replacement, OVA fees, provincial tournament registration, and many other items.

Who do I contact if I have further questions?

Feel free to email info@orilliasunsvolleyball.com with questions, or you may ask any of the Orillia Suns Volleyball Club coaches.